Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dresden Table Runner

Take Two - I wrote this post last night and then it conveniently disappeared. I Still Love Technology...Always and Forever...

I got this magazine a few months ago and Loved It!!! It's filled with greatness from large quilt to placemats and everything in between. 
I love that they are starting to make magazines for Modern Quilters.

I fell for this table runner right away and wanted to make it. My mom came over a few days later and did the same. She said she would love it in Red and Purple. I went to my stash and started pulling fabrics. 

I'm loving the gray and yellow trend that's going on right now!
I cut out the Dresdens and threw them on the design wall. I really love having a design wall, it makes such a difference. I don't know why every time I want to take pictures the sun hides from me :)
It was a dark day - sorry for the bad picture

This dude went together really quickly!!

I have a really funny story.  I decided to do some echo quilting to finish it up. I finished it up, took it off my machine and the stitching started to unravel. Seriously hilarious, right? Needless to say the project got shelved for a while. I talked to our "Quilt Mama" at my local Modern Quilt Guild and she gave me some great advice. I got out my seam ripper and got to rippin. It took me 2 hours to rip out all the stitches!! The next day I started echoing again. I wasn't feeling it this time around. Here we go again....Thank goodness I only had to rip out 4 dresdens. I decided to go with straight line quilting and I love the way it turned out. 

Yay, I got another project checked off my list!!! I'm pumped :)

I'm linking up to  Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday. Some amazing work has been posted. Hop on over when you get the chance.
I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!
~ January ~


  1. It's beautiful! Quite the saga but I think you made a lovely choice in the end!

  2. Its wonderful! I've been looking for a dresden pattern for a fabric pile I have and I can't believe I didn't think of going a more simpler route like this.

  3. Love your table runner, well worth all of the angst :)

  4. very pretty. I have been eyeing up that pattern too. Might just have to move it up on the list...

  5. I have this magazine, too. Great ideas in there! The table runner looks great!!

  6. What a great idea to use dresdens. I'll have to give it a go!

  7. Beautiful! I am going to have to give this one a shot. Thanks for sharing.

  8. your runner is beautiful! i absolutely love that magazine!

  9. Yours is prettier than the one in the magazine:)

  10. Most table runners tend to not be modern, but I love this! What a great idea! I am going to have to go find that magazine!

  11. This is lovely. I have been meaning to try this.

  12. Are the directions in this magazine?