Sunday, February 17, 2013

QuiltCon or Bust

I can't believe it is almost here!!! In under a week I'm going to be hanging out with some awesome people and taking a fantastic class by the lovely Elizabeth Hartman.  Oh and did I mention my Quilt got accepted and will be hanging in the show!!!! I'm so excited I could burst :) Here it is all packed up and ready to be shipped off to Austin. I will have pictures of it soon. 

It will be such a nice break since "The Plague" descended upon our house this last week. We had the stomach flu, fever, pink eye, etc. all in a weeks time! My 6yr old was so sick and has lost so much weight he looked like Skeletor. I am thankful to say that he is finally getting better and is actually hungry today - woohoo. So I will have to get it in gear to get things finished and ready to leave Friday morning.  I can't wait to have dinner with a bunch of people that are doing Pile O Fabric's Skill Builder BOM including  Alyssa Lichner herself :)

So here is a quick peek of my blocks for January and February. I chose a very calming color palette since I have a lot of bright quilts in the works right now. 

Here's January's Blocks:

 Sound Wave 


And February's Blocks:

Em Dash

The Mood

I will take tons of pictures at QuiltCon and if your going let me know, I would love to meet you!! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


The Modern Quilt Guild wants bloggers who are going to QuiltCon to Link Up, so we can put faces to the blogs we read. They want us to tell 5 things about ourselves and post a picture. You know, it's hard to think up 5 things  about yourself. Well, here we go!!

1. I used to be a punk rocker and I fell in love with Jesus when I was 16.

2. I was supposed to have been born in December and I was going to be named Noel. Obviously that didn't happen :) My sister's name is Strawberry and yes, my mom was a hippie!!

2. I have lived in Arizona, Idaho and Texas. I love the snow and cold weather so much. Living in Texas is like living on the surface of the sun during the summer :( I mean come on, tomorrow is going to be 70 degrees. Isn't it February?

3. We keep our house pretty cold and everyone that comes over freezes. Snuggie anyone?

4. My Quilt made it into the QuiltCon show - tee hee. 

5. I'm homeschooling my kids and trying to keep my sanity as well :)

I can't wait for QuiltCon - It's just a couple of weeks away!!
I can't wait to meet you guys.