Sunday, February 17, 2013

QuiltCon or Bust

I can't believe it is almost here!!! In under a week I'm going to be hanging out with some awesome people and taking a fantastic class by the lovely Elizabeth Hartman.  Oh and did I mention my Quilt got accepted and will be hanging in the show!!!! I'm so excited I could burst :) Here it is all packed up and ready to be shipped off to Austin. I will have pictures of it soon. 

It will be such a nice break since "The Plague" descended upon our house this last week. We had the stomach flu, fever, pink eye, etc. all in a weeks time! My 6yr old was so sick and has lost so much weight he looked like Skeletor. I am thankful to say that he is finally getting better and is actually hungry today - woohoo. So I will have to get it in gear to get things finished and ready to leave Friday morning.  I can't wait to have dinner with a bunch of people that are doing Pile O Fabric's Skill Builder BOM including  Alyssa Lichner herself :)

So here is a quick peek of my blocks for January and February. I chose a very calming color palette since I have a lot of bright quilts in the works right now. 

Here's January's Blocks:

 Sound Wave 


And February's Blocks:

Em Dash

The Mood

I will take tons of pictures at QuiltCon and if your going let me know, I would love to meet you!! 


  1. I wish I could go! I'm only 3 hrs from Austin! Have lots of fun!

  2. I'm so excited you get to show your quilt AND have lots of fun there! I went back and forth on it, and decided to sit this one out, but I cannot wait to hear more about it, so you'll have to take lots of pics. And not burst into pieces! :)

  3. I hope you had fun at Quilt Con! And congratulations on having your quilt accepted! 2015 I will definitely be going AND submitting. New follower from Lindsay Sews' post!