Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cutting Fat Eighths

We are cutting Fat Eighths today!! 

First let me start out with this - If you are cutting fabric for a swap like the one we're doing here, be sure you get extra fabric for cutting errors. I cut (in my opinion) pretty precisely, however when I got to the end of my fabric I was a bit to short. I had no idea what had happened. Did I miscalculate how much fabric I needed? Did I somehow cut it wrong? It seems that I was actually shorted just a bit on fabric. This makes me feel a tad bit better, but it's very annoying especially when you call the company and they now may be out of the fabric your using. So, that being said I will now buy more fabric than needed and I will measure it before I cut it when I'm doing a swap.  

What is a Fat Eighth:
It is one-eighth yard of fabric that is usually cut 9"X22" instead of the typical one-eighth yard cut 4.5"X42.

I'm sorry my directions confused some people earlier so here is an easier way of cutting. Press your fabric before cutting it.

Cut 10 9" Wide strips by Width Of Fabric (WOF).
Hold down your ruler firmly while cutting. It's easy for it to slip and move around while cutting. It also helps to have a very sharp blade in your rotary cutter. You should never have to saw your fabric.

Then cut them in half.  You should end up with 20 9"X22" Fat Eighths.

Fat Eighths are a great precut. They allow for bigger prints and are very versatile.

I hope this helps everyone make there Fatties!!
Have a great day!


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Epic Fabric Fail!!

This month in my Mo-Stash Bee we're making blocks for Kristin And Chips. She picked out the Tallahassee Block. It's a really cute block and they look like little flower blooms. However mine turned out fugly!! Feast your eyes on this!!!

It's funny how things can go so wrong so quickly. Well, I'm off to try again - wish me luck!!