Friday, March 29, 2013

Low Volume Mod Fat Eighth Swap

I'm so excited to be hosting this swap!! Low Volume is getting a lot of attention lately and I have already seen a few swaps pop up. Since we are doing such a fast turn around this is going to be a domestic swap this time. There are 20 spots available minus 1 for me :) So hurry if you want to get in on this swap. Leave me a comment with your email and I will send you a confirmation.

Fabric Requirements: 
Buy two and a half yards (2.5yds) of designer low volume modern fabric cut into Fat Eighths (9"x22"). You can buy 3 yards if you want some extra or just in case there is an accident. 

Press your fabric first and then cut 20 Fat Eights out of your 2 1/2 yds of fabric. I will try and get a post up on cutting soon. 

Choose a modern low volume fabric: Low Volume can mean quite a lot of things. It can be predominately white with small graphic prints (text fabrics are great) or it can just "read" as a white or neutral. I also think a colored fabric that is more muted can be a great low volume choice. Some examples below of low volume.

Fabric should be Quality Quilt Shop 100% cotton. No Joann's, Michael's or Hancock's. Make sure it's something you would love to get in a swap. Lots of online stores are getting more in. 

You will need to post pictures of your fabric on our Flickr Group to make sure we don't have any duplicates. If you have questions about a certain fabric please ask your swap mates. 

Fabric must be new/unwashed & from a smoke free environment. 

Put your fabric into a ziplock bag and include a card with your name, email and address on it. As soon as you sign up and get conformation from me you can start looking for your fabric. 

Deadline to send your fabric is May 1st. As soon as I have all the fabric I will get them back to you ASAP. The faster you get it to me the faster I get it back to you :) I know life can get in the way sometimes so if something comes up please just let me know so I can keep an eye out for it.

 When mailing your fabric, you must include a prepaid self-addressed stamped envelope. Just use the same postage you used to get your Fatties to me. Put that envelope with the postage inside your package of fabric. Smaller package envelopes are fine too, but keep in mind there is a risk of tearing in the mail. Self sealing envelopes are the best because they are super sticky and won't pop open while in transit. 

I'm so excited and have already been searching for my fabric :)
I will keep an updated list as people sign up. Remember there are only 19 spots available. 


             1. January T.          11.  Amber 
                   2. Gayla T.             12. Jennifer B.
                             3. Jolie M.              13. See Life Marvels
              4. Gabrielle R.        14. Karri G.
           5. Bonnie P.            15. Wendi  
             6. Carla                   16. Jenn N.
               7.  Sara S.               17. Leona A.
                8. Lindsey G.          18. Krista W.
            9. Daniela               19. Kim G.
         10. Jess H.                20. Jenny

I look forward to swapping with you!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

X and Plus Love

I first saw the X and Plus Quilt on Amy's Blog Badskirt and quickly fell in LOVE. Then I joined a Flickr group that was doing a swap. I was so excited about swapping blocks and getting this quilt done that I quickly sat out to make a ton. Still fairly new to sewing in general it took me some time to get them done. You can see the fruits of my labor HereHere and Here. I sent them off and waited anxiously to get blocks back. I was a little less than happy with the blocks I received back. I really haven't swapped since -until I joined the Modern Stash Quilting Bee. This has been a great experience!! The ladies are amazing and really produce wonderful things. I started seeing these blocks pop up again and again in the last couple of months and I really wanted to have another go round. Funny enough my bee mate Deb picked this lovely block for this month. I have a fire in my belly to do some for me now, they are so addicting. I will have to add this to the top of my to do list - haha. It's amazing to me what a difference a year can make in your sewing life. What seemed like forever to get a block finished took just minutes. I remember when I first started sewing and couldn't sew a straight line - I really had thoughts that it might never happen for me.  So, to all you newbies out there keep at and one day in the not so distant future you too can sew that elusive straight line :)

Cheers and jump on this train WOO WOO!!!


Monday, March 11, 2013

QuiltCon Recap #2 More Quilts

Going to QuiltCon was really a great experience. I found the Quilt Show to be extremely inspiring. Here are the Winners if you haven't seen them yet. Also if you haven't seen my quilt Times Square you can check that out here. Each time I went through, I saw a new quilt that I know wasn't there before and I went through 4 or 5 times in 2 days. I'm sorry to say I didn't get a picture of every single quilt, but I did take a ton. So get ready to scroll :) I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!   

Reflection Min-Quilt
Made and quilted by Josee Carrier

Made and quilted by Silvia Glaubach

Defin Circle for Me
Made by Krista Withers and the girls from Fresh Modern Bee Two:
Reene Witchard, Leila Beasley, Amanda Slee, Lynne Goldsworthy, Danielle Auckens, Justine Henshaw, Susan Sobon, Lil Fissiest, Yvonne Fordham, Alison Robins, Amy of House of Bad Cats, Lisa of Shiner's View, Jessica of Quilt Happy and Pioneer Valley Girl. 
Quilted by Krista Withers

Puzzle Me Not
Made and quilted by Nicole Maroon

Clouds Unmapped
Made and quilted by Jenna Brand

 A Very Long Conversation
Made by Rossie Hutchinson
Quilted by Bernie Olszewski

Made by Heather Grant
Quilted by Angela Walters

Orange Improv
Made by Bonnie Dwyer
Quilted by Ann Woodhead

 I Don't Wear Blue
Made and quilted by Cinzia Allocca

 Ode to Paul Klee
Made and quilted by Serena Brooks

Made and Quilted by Rebecca Roach

Shattered Spectrum
Made and quilted by Lee Heinrich

Mini Zig 
Made and quilted by Vicki Christensen

Dazzling Diamonds
Made and quilted by Jen Sorenson

 Over the Rainbow
Made and quilted by Janice Ryan

Glam Garlands/Drip Mashup Quilt
Made and quilted by Elizabeth Hartman

The Caltrans Quilt

Beach Wedding
Jessica Pierre'Auguste

Made and quilted by Cheryl Arkison

Both Ways 
Made and quilted by Lauren Hawley 

Made by Rebecca Roach


Plaid Houndstooth
Made and quilted by Leslie Lamb 

Made and quilted by Season Evans

Made by Allison Chambers
Quilted by Danielle Wilkes

Coloring With Kate
Made and quilted by Jane Bromberg

Paper Shredder
Made and quilted by Pamela Johnson

 Sunrise 1
Made and quilted by Erika Mulvenna

A Light in the Dark
Made and quilted by Elizabeth Dackson

Made and quilted by Charlotte Newland

 In Defense of Handmade
Made by Thomas Knauer
Quilted by Lisa Sipes

Green for Gamma Maze quilt
Made and quilted by Susan Kephart

40 Watt Wonder
Made and quilted by Alison Robins

Honey in Space
Made and quilted by Elizabeth Hartman

Made and quilted By Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Made and quilted by Katie Blakesley 

Neutral and Neon 
Made and quilted by Latifah Saafir

Bang! You're Dead.
Made by JAcquie Gering
Quilted by Anne Christopher

A Zig and A Zag
Made and quilted by Angela Pingel

Made by Tula Pink
Quilted by Angela Walters

Made and quilted by Silvia Glaubach

New York Beauty Mini
Made and quilted by Kati Spencer

Broken Triangles
Made and quilted by Hollie Lobosky
She was very humble about her awesome quilt  :) It was really great to meet her!!!

Made and quilted by Alissa Haight Carlton

Boy Zig
Made and quilted by Susan Kephart

Made and quilted by Silvia Glaubach

Made by Bonnie Lindblad, Linda Nussbaum, Kimberly Lumapas, Heather Davidson, Rachel Kerley, Nancy Stovall, Melanie Cho, Barbara Sanders, Katie Sciarrano, Jill Collins, Monica Solario-Snow, Anne Matlak, Cathey Fowler, Susan Beal and Michelle Freedman
Quilted by Nancy Stovall

Deconstructed Nine - Patch
Made and quilted by Jacquie Gering 

 Spin Dr
Made and quilted by Angela Walters

 Dream a Little Dream
Made and quilted by Angela Pingel

Orange Tails
Made and quilted by Leila Gardunia

From One Color To Another
Made and quilted by Mary Langenberg

Made and quilted by Nicole Neblett

Blue Ice
Made and quilted by Jacquie Gering

Made and quilted by Alissa Haight Carlton

Up In The Air
Made and quilted by Latifah Saafir

 Fractal Quilt
Made and quilted by Megan Dye

Denyse Schmidt 
Snake Charmer
QuiltCon Exhibition

Denyse Schmidt 
Courthouse Steps 
QuiltCon Exhibition

Great Job To Everyone Who Had Their Quilt Hanging In The Show!!
Have a wonderful day!!