Monday, February 13, 2012

Japanese X and + Blocks Finished!

Finally I got my blocks all done and can get them to the post.
 I feel like I finally got the hang of these guys yesterday.
Drawing the diagonal line on the little squares and sewing on that line, I always seemed off. Then I figured out something that helped me. I'm sure a lot of you know this already, but I just figured it out :)

Here is my square with the two small squares ready to be sewn.

 I put the tip of the little square by my needle and made sure it was in the center of the presser foot.

 Then I lined up the bottom tip of the little square (on my extension sewing table) on the line in between the 1/4' marks.

You can see the marks better in this picture.

I let the feed dogs do the work and just slowly moved it up. For me it was so much faster and a whole lot easier. Every time I tried using my ruler with the pen I always seem off. I'm sure with practice I will get better at that, but if I can eliminate a step and sew faster then YAY! 
So here are the ones I completed yesterday.

Post Office here I come! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! I'm linking up with Canoe Ridge Creations for Sew Modern Monday.


  1. Your blocks great! I'm very encouraged to give it a try :)

  2. Excellent! They look great - and I agree your technique makes it quicker & easier!

  3. Whenever I'm making connector corners I draw a line from my needle to the edge of the machine, then let the corner of the little square follow the line right to the need. It took me years to figure this out, you came up with the idea fairly quickly!

  4. Love these blocks!! I must get round to making one!!

  5. awesome blocks Jan, i look forward to attempting that in the future. I will post pics of what i am doing when i have finished. i am a bit of a slow worker. but i'll get there. haha.