Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modern Block of the Month

This is the September Modern Block of the Month
I skipped this one back in September because I was scared of doing   triangles.  Tuesday I conquered my fear with the farmer's block. So I took a stab at it and I think it turned out pretty good. 

It's amazing to me that this is what it starts out looking like and then it transforms into something so different. I really have enjoyed this block of the month so much and can't wait until the next one comes out. Alissa is one talented lady for sure! If you haven't been to her blog, go check it out and get ready for some inspiration. I had a slight headache when I was working on this one, so some of the points didn't line up exactly right. I think I will try it again later. 

Is anyone else doing a fun Block of the Month?


  1. Hello, thanks for stopping by. You have alot of fun things on your blog. I love the embroidery work.

    I think your triangles look great. This makes me want to try out that block because I actively avoid triangles. I am so scared to do them. There must be some kind of trick because I never seem to get them to work.

  2. Congrats on conquering your fear of triangles! There is so much you can do with them.

  3. Very cool! I am in a Modern Blocks Bee using the book "Modern Blocks".....

  4. Great job on the block! I love the bright colors. And your embroidery. Wow.

  5. I love your modern BOM, there is also a good one through Canton Village Quilts, called Bloggers BOM, with a different designer doing a block each month for 12 months, and also Craftsy has a free BOM just started in January. Look back in my blog and you will see some of the blocks, I'm sure you would like them.

  6. Your modern block looks great!
    I can't believe your embroidery! It is amazing, pat yourself on the back.

  7. Your block looks great. I have been tempted to try a couple of these, but I haven't yet. I need an idea of what to do with the block before I start. Ideas?

  8. This looks great, but funny as well. It reminds me of so many things, like
    The face of an animal,
    A company's logo,
    Star Trek or any other sci-fi thing.
    It's different!

  9. Your triangles look great.I like the way the grey triangle sits behind the 2 coloured triangles.I agree with Betty it does look a little like a stylized Star Trek badge. :)