Saturday, March 2, 2013

Times Square at QuiltCon

 I can't believe QuiltCon is over and we have to wait until 2015!! It was an AMAZING Conference and I hope you can make it next time!! You will not be disappointed I guarantee.  

 I have a few posts coming up, but I wanted to start off with this. I got my congratulations letter while I had the flu, so I hobbled down the stairs and asked my husband to read it. I thought maybe my fever was so high that I was hallucinating. I'm so glad that wasn't the case :) Before I started this quilt, I really didn't think I could ever make up my own pattern or do any improv quilting. But once I started putting the pieces up on my design wall I got a feel for it and it took on a life of it's own. I was inspired by this Quilt Top and started working on this one shortly there after. 

This was what I had up for the first few days and just wasn't feeling it. It's nice to let things marinate for a day or two to see if they work. 

 I pulled almost everything down and started again. This time things just started to fall into place. 

I really loved this part!! It was really neat to see it come together.

 I decided to make the backing look like an enlarged block from the front. Pretty simple, but I love how it turned out. 

Now for the quilting - I was going to do concentric circles, but didn't get very far before ripping it out. I will have to practice that one for sure. My husband suggested this design and I think it works perfectly!! Thanks Honey for your help :)

I feel very blessed that my quilt was picked to be in the show. There were over 700 quilts that were entered and I believe they only took 228. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I tried several new techniques while doing this quilt. If you don't think your quilts are show worthy or you're afraid to enter get over that and try. The worst that can happen is they say no, but at least you tried! One thing that I have learned is that Quilts are Art and Art is Subjective. It all depends on who's judging and everyone has a different taste. The next show I enter I might not get picked, but I'm still going to try. I have been bitten by the bug :)  

My QuiltCon buddy Julie

I hope you guys are having a great day!! 


  1. It's such a fantastic quilt and the color placement is impeccable! I'm really happy for you that you had the chance to go to Quiltcon and experience it in person. I can imagine how exciting it was to find your quilt in the show and see it hanging there in person (and get a photo with it!). :)

  2. Congrats! Its great that you took pictures of the process.

  3. Very very cool - so pleased for you!

  4. Wow January! That is awesome. I do love the colors! Jeanne Lobsinger

  5. Jan, this is so cool!, what a wonderful experience. the quilt is gorgeous. i am glad you got to go and see your quilt also. i hope to see you at the next quiltcon!.

  6. Oh man, how did I miss that this was your quilt?! It's stunning and it was amazing to see it at the show. :D The colors, improv work, it's all just incredible!