Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tokyo Subway Quilt

I cut out a few more Tokyo Subway Quilt Blocks this last week and got busy on Block #2 yesterday. I am really excited about this quilt and getting another block stitched up was a lot of fun. I love all the different patterns and fabrics going on here. 

Please overlook the unsightly ironing board cover haha. That's another thing I need to add to my list of things to do. I guess it's from starch. I don't know what else it could be. 

 Here is the finished block and I love it!! However I have a little problem or actually a big problem. I was so excited to see what the two blocks look like together. So I skipped on over picked up Block #1 and put it next to this one.

What in the world happened? I thought I was being so careful when I did my cutting and I thought I was being so careful when I sewed them together. Making sure it was a 1/4". Obviously something has not gone quite right. What do I do know? :( Which one do I do over? 
It kind of takes the wind right out of your  sails. We learn from our mistakes so I will figure something out, but not today!I

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I hope your having a fantastic day!


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry Jan! Please dont be discourraged! They look great together already!

  2. I don't know how they are suppose to look so to me they are okay. I do like your solution to think about it tomorrow! LOL!! Okay girl, can we talk? You NEED a new ironing board cover. My sister picked up a super pretty one for me at Target for about 5 dollars. You will so enjoy working on something pretty!! It's amazing how it will make you so much more creative. LOL

  3. A little easing, and a lot of steam and they will fit! Give it a go!

  4. I'm sorry...I know how you feel :( I hope you figure out what happened and can solve it.
    I always tell myself "learn from the mistake" ..and it really irritates me when I do everything so well and then make mistake in the last few steps. :(
    Your blocks look lovely though and may be you can use the block that's different from others for other projects :)

  5. I think like quiltmania said ~ a little easing and stretching will do. I have almost all these blocks from a swap, I only need to make 3 to be finished. When I was making my blocks, I had the same issues, as long as it isn't TOO far off, it should work well enough to not notice, especially after quilting. A lot of quilting hides a lot of oops in my opinion.

  6. bummer...did another good pressing solve the problem? If not, I'd make block #3 & see which it matches...good luck!!