Thursday, June 7, 2012

A winner and some reality!!

Man reality hits you hard bro!! I have this idea of the kind of blogger I want to be (updates at least a few times a week) and it is seriously hard to achieve that in this season of my life right now!  I have been on this journey for a very short time and I am loving every minute of it. However it's hard to carve out the time for everything I want to do. If only we had 36 hour days :) I would probably still be in the same boat, but more tired haha. This week has been extra rough, because we have had some sickness going on. It started with my 5 year old who started feeling bad, then he passed it on to his brother, who passed it on to me. Everyone is on the mend except for the little one who now has strep throat. When it rains it pours! Sorry no more pity party. I was reading over at Quokka Quilts and she wrote a post about this hideous name badge dilemma - Someone had made this badge of an Octopus sword fighting a Kangaroo.  I told her that I made that name badge :(  She wrote me and asked if I really did and could I send her a pic. Of course I was just teasing, but then that got me thinking. So I set out to create it.  This was my first draft and I thought it needed  a little somethin somethin.

So here comes the rainbow and some stars.

 I also added an eyepatch for the Kangaroo :)
So being couch ridden for the last few day I was able to get my stitching on. I'm loving it!! It makes me smile every time I look at it. I needed to smile more this week for sure.

I'm Linking up with The Handmade Parade.
 Go check out some of the hand stitching that's going on.

Now time for that amazing giveaway - Finally!!
The winners of Elizabeth Hartman's  Perfect Zip Bag pattern are: 

I luv cloud 9 organics. Thanks for the giveaway! 

I am loving Flea Market Fancy...I have gotten some for my stash but actually wish I could get a BOLT of each of the fabrics! That is how much I love it.

Definitely Marmalade!

I have emailed our winners and Elizabeth will email the patterns shortly. I want to thank you all for playing and a Big thank you to  Elizabeth. I really appreciate it so much!! I can't wait to see all your bags you guys create.  I hope you guys are having a fantastic week and I'll see you soon. Hopefully with everyone feeling much better.


  1. Glad you are on the mend!! I just wrote a blog post about a similar thing. Finding time for everything. I always wish for 36 hour days!!

  2. hahaha, I think it is just so great you are really stitching the octopus & kangaroo :)

  3. There are so many things I want to make and so few hours in the day.

    Your emboidery is fabulous!

  4. I love what you are doing to keep yourself occupied when you aren't feeling well. So excited to have won - first time I've won any giveaway! :D

  5. I am so excited that I won this giveaway!! Thanks to you and Elizabeth. And I love your little cute.

  6. I LOVE your embroidery! That's just my kind of thing, it doesn't take itself too seriously! I'm thrilled that I won the giveaway, yay me :-)

  7. Oh that's so cool! I love the rainbow, great touch!

  8. What an epic project! The rainbow reminds me of Lisa Frank (I rocked her trapper-keeper binder)! ;)

  9. That is a really cute design. You are a talented artist, not sure if I could ever draw something that cute

  10. I love that you turned that into an embroidery!! LOVE!!