Friday, January 18, 2013

Mo-Stash Bee

This will be a little Sewing Summit/Mo-Stash Bee Post.
There were so many people at Sewing Summit it was hard to meet everyone. I'm glad I got to meet Whitney From The Peacocktree and Deb from Trio Stitch Studio. I was sad we met so late on the last night. I have to say, that night was one of the highlights for sure. We had such a fun time!! I also think we were all deliriously exhausted which meant everything was extra funny.  

Deb, Julie, Kait, January, Diane, Caitlin, Tiffany and Whitney
 As you can see from the next group of photos we were not all there :)

This brings me to Mo-Stash. Whitney and Deb started this bee and I am so glad I got in. It's a six month bee and I am up first. I don't know why they gave January to me! I decided to go with the Supernova block from Lee at Freshly Pieced. Love her blog!!! I have been wanting to make this block forever and will be making more for sure. It is a giant 18" monster so really you don't need a ton to make a quilt top. They go together so easily. The ladies in my hive have been awesome, they got right down to business. I chose yellow and gray as my color-way and I'm thrilled with the blocks the girls made.  Here is my block that I sewed together late one night. 
One of these things is not like the other!!

I got the whole thing sewed up and then just sat there thinking something was off.  Finally it hit me and I decided to go to bed and tackle it in the morning. 

Fixed and ready to go - I love this block!!! It is so cheerful to me :)
I also got some wonderful mail today all the way from Australia. I am really shocked at how quickly her blocks came. Happy Go Lizzie did an amazing job!!! 

Have a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. The block looks wonderful in yellow and grey. It will make a stunning quilt!

  2. very fun to see SS pics again! And I just love your supernova! Great block.