Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm Back And Sewing Summit....What!!!

Man it's so good to be back in the 21st century. About 2 weeks ago we had a black out for about 3 hours. Finally the power came back on, but we had no internet. I really don't know what happened and they couldn't figure out what was wrong over the phone. We were changing over all of our cable and internet services, but they couldn't get here until the 30th. No reason to pay someone to come have a look if we were getting rid of it anyway. I'm so glad to be back blogging and have a lot to catch up on. I have a lot of emails to catch up on, so if I haven't written you back yet I'm really sorry and I'm not ignoring you :)

So in other news: Who got tickets to the Sewing Summit? I was at my computer hitting refresh over and over and over again. The server must have had to much traffic and didn't work right at 9:00am. I closed and reopened their page and was able to get in. I don't think they were prepared for that much traffic or had any idea what the demand would be. It was all the awesome posts about this amazing conference and how much fun everyone had last year. They posted shortly after registration was opened on Facebook that they were shocked. They sold 100 tickets in 1 minute. I think that's so awesome. They sold out of tickets earlier this evening, I feel bad for all the people that were going to register tonight :( Maybe they will be able to add a few more seats.
I did do some sewing while all the shenanigans were going on with the internet.  Here are a few Farmer's Blocks that I got pictures of. 

Block # 21 Contrary Wife

 Block #21 Cups and Saucers

 I picked out the fabrics for this block and really didn't think it would be so busy. I like it, but it is really busy!!
I'm glad to be back and can't wait to post some of the projects that I worked on this last week. Stay tuned.
I'm also linking up with Lilys Quilts and Quilt Story. It's so much fun linking up and seeing whatever one has been creating and meeting new friends. I hope you guys are a wonderful week. 


  1. Welcome back to blogland! I wondered where you had disappeared to! :) Glad to hear it's all sorted.

    How exciting to be going to the Sewing Summit!!

  2. Welcome back! What a crazy ordeal! And YES I'm going to Sewing Summit too so I'll see ya there! ;-)

  3. Great to have you back! That cups and saucers block looks cool!

  4. Hey! These are fabulous blocks!!! Love the purple and gray. Thank you for linking to Fabric Tuesday!

  5. Life is so different without blogging isn't it? Sort of good, sort of bad. I LOVE your contrary wife. Just the perfect fabrics.