Monday, April 9, 2012

My Very First Quilt

So this is my very first quilt top. This is what started it all. 
When I first decided that I wanted to attempt to make a quilt, I had no idea what I was doing! I didn't have any books, I wasn't reading any blogs at the time and I really had no idea what it took to complete a top; let alone finish a quilt. I just had an idea of what I wanted the blocks to look like and just started cutting pieces. I used some charm packs and a jelly roll I had and just started going to town. I started sewing the blocks up and really didn't understand the importance of seams. Who's going to see the back once it's covered up, right am I right? Live and Learn. Well, I finally finished the quilt top and then put it in a drawer where it sat until last week. I had cut some pieces and had also sewn up a few blocks for the back of the quilt, they were put into a drawer as well. Every time I thought about finishing the quilt, I would take it out and take one look at the back and get discouraged and put it back up. Well, it has been hanging over my head for over 2 years and I think that is long enough! So I pulled that bad boy out and took one look at the back and swallowed hard. I wasn't backing down. You cute thing are going to become a quilt this month!!! Ok so I got right to work with the back and cracked up at how bad the cutting is. It's really amazing how important cutting is. So I did my best with what I had and came up with this.
Don't look to closely at it :)

 I will have to square it up or rectangle it up :) and then add a border and I should be done. I already have my batting ready to go. I can't believe I will finally have a completed quilt top. All I can say is it's about time. Here is to not being scared and enjoying the ride! So is there something that you have been putting off and afraid  to finish? 
Take the bull by the horns and finish it off.
I hope your all having a fantastic day! 


  1. GOOD for you!! That's awesome!

  2. Don't say that your cutting is bad....just call it wonky!

  3. Oh well done for tackling a big wip! You'll be so pleased when that's done. I always feel guilty about quilt tops that I haven't finished.

    Oh and I've kept my first ever quilt too - in a tub that rarely gets opened. It's embarrassing with mismatched seams, puckers and a mix of fabric types (the horror, right?). But I keep it to remind me that it's all a learning process! :)

  4. Great colours! Good for yo for finally pulling it out to finish!

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  6. Good job! I can't wait to see the finished quilt!