Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mommy needs a time out!!

My kids are hummers...they walk, run and play while humming.  I never thought I would get tired of iconic music, such as Superman or Star Wars.  I stand corrected, because I hear it in humming form all day long.  I am in no way a hummer and it drives me a little crazy (that's an understatement).  So yesterday was kind of one of those days where the boys were just not feeling like being super sweet and wanted to complain about pretty much everything.  About 2:00 I was sitting at the dinning table and all of a sudden I found myself humming the Star Wars theme song.  My husband and I noticed it at the exact same moment.  He looked at me and said, "Get out of the house, I've got the boys. Go to the fabric store and do something for yourself."  Is that awesome or what!  So my girlfriend Molly and her little sweetie pie met me at the quilt shop and we did some shopping.  Look at all the cool stuff I got on sale!

I love the funky patterns here
I'm trying to add more solids to my stash

For dinner we thought we would do something fun and completely different. We had banana splits with all the trimmings. My youngest son, who is almost three, ate a few bites and said, "Where's my other meal?"  He wasn't buying this as an actual meal.  He loves to eat!  My other son, who is five, licked his plate and was perfectly happy having this alternative dinner. 

Mommy took a time out and loved it! 

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