Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Color Color everywhere!
I have been noticing on blog after blog people doing color wheel quilts, rainbow quilts and Kona cotton challenges. I love the subway quilts and the mega pixel quilts as well. I have never really thought about hanging a quilt in my house (I always thought that was a little grandma - no offense), but this is truly art... worthy to be hung on any wall! So I was on From the blue chair and Kati was hosting a color wheel swap. I thought how fun is that, but sadly it filled up in like 20 minutes. She talked about her flikr group (I had never been on flikr before - gasp - I just thought it was to upload pictures) and I was whisked over there and found a whole slew of swaps just waiting for me to join. 
I joined ALFALC and was partnered up with a fun girl with great taste. I had so much fun shopping for her. She needed some Kona Cottons in pink, so I picked up a couple of different shades and a couple of fun small prints. I added some cute flower pins, her thread of choice, some floss,  a little note book and some delicious chocolates. 

A few days after sending my package to her, I received mine. It was like Christmas..., it came all wrapped up in a pretty light blue and white print fabric. My boys gathered around me to see what goodies were inside and my youngest kept saying, "That's for me right?"  I knew I would have to get the chocolate out of there ASAP or there might be an incident :)
I was thrilled with what I got! She helped build my stash of Kona Solids as well. I got a deep purple, blue and this gorgeous green. It is so funny because the day before, I was at the quilt shop and I almost picked up the exact same green for the track suit block.
She also put in some of my favorite thread, floss, binding clips, sticky notes and goodies!! She was so thoughtful the way she put in a treat for my boys as well. They each got two Lollys. There is something special and caring about quilters and crafters that I just love! 
I'm sure this is no surprise to those reading here,
 but I am loving swaps!!
I have also joined the charming Christmas fabric swap and will be getting my fabric soon. I have a few ideas about what to use the fabric for. More on that to come!

Another project I started today is this advent calendar. I tea dyed the fabric today and will begin this week. Stay tuned.