Monday, December 19, 2011

Mini Skirt Bag

I am so thankful we have such a fantastic Local Quilt Shop the Cabbage Rose! They have a great selection of modern fabrics and the store is so wonderfully laid out. It so easy to spend hours there. On Saturday they had a little fashion show and they gave gift certificates to all who participated. Thanks again!! I had very big time constraints with all the holiday sewing I'm doing and so I needed to find an easy project to do. I found just the thing the Skirt Bag


It's so funny I had a mini skirt that I had bought as part of a halloween costume a million years ago. I was never going to EVER wear this again and so I was throwing it out. 
I should have taken more pictures, however we have had such cloudy/rainy days lately that all my pictures turn out a little sad.
A blurry picture of the inside.

It was a lot of fun turning that skirt into something completely different.

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