Sunday, December 18, 2011

My very first QUILT!! It was tiny, but it was a Quilt!

This is a very picture happy post - You have been warned! :) 
I had the pleasure of going to my very first Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Thursday. It was a lot of fun and I'm so excited to be apart of it.  We had to bring a mug rug for a secret swap, so I set out to find some help. I have never made a mug rug, shoot I have never even made a quilt! Started them yes, but I had yet to make them into actual quilts. This one is full of firsts! I found an awesome tutorial from Sew Fantastic for a scrappy color block mug rug. I love the use of color and thought it was very cheery. 

I cut out all my little  pieces and put them in their places. 
Now it was time for some serious sewing!
I like me some chain piecing.

Here are all my strips ready to be sewn together.

Now they are all sewn together and squared up.

Here goes the batting and backing.

Now it's time to get quilting. I have to tell you I was a little apprehensive to start quilting. I don't have a walking foot yet, so I was using my patchwork foot.  It was a "Make it work" moment, but I will have to invest in one soon. My lines came out pretty straight, so I was stoked!

So now that all that was done, it was time for binding. I had no idea how or even where to start, but I had to do something since I had to leave in 3 hours to go to the meeting. I found a wonderful tutorial for binding on Oh Fransson. This helped me tremendously and I was able to crank it out. 

Time for some handy work.

All finished! YAY I actually did it! I made a quilt all by myself. It may be tiny, but I got a quilt under my belt.

 Here is the cute mug rug I picked um stole!!
I always feel bad even though that's the game. 
She ended up with a super cool mug rug in the end so I didn't feel so bad :) I hope you all are having a very Merry Christmas and can't wait to start the new year. 


  1. Congrats! HOW exciting to make your very first quilt, beginning to end! It looks great!

  2. Great Job! Great Pics! Just a wonderful feeling isn't it?

  3. Great start, it only gets better from there :-)

  4. Great job. I love it.

  5., your next project will be....(you fill in the gap!!) xx

  6. Great job on your first quilt! very pretty :) I have never made one but I think I will try that out soon. I already signed up for one quilt a long. :)

  7. Congrats on this quilt! There is nothing like the feeling of making a quilt all by yourself.