Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Miss Orangiana update

She was so much fun to stitch!! She's like a pin up orange :) 
So here is the first bit of color: Eyes and Lips

I thought I would give her a cute little blue dress and some hot red heels.

While I was stitching away I looked over beside me and saw this. Our little Bella (She is older than Twilight - just sayin) asleep in between a princess and the pea stack of blankets!

And here she is ready to say hello to the world. 


  1. What sweet embroidery! And I cannot believe your dog! Just so funny!

  2. They are both too cute! I wanna do some embroidery soon. Hopefully it turns out as nice as yours!

  3. The red shoes are awesome :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm bookmarking yours so I can return to enjoy your embroidery. I quit embroidery a couple of years ago when I downsized my hobbies. Quilting and sewing is my passion; I'll vicariously embroider through you, m'kay? PS. I love the dog nose under the blankets. I'm not a dog person, but even I admit that I enjoy a canine with a sense of humour.